Release notification 2023 R1:1361, planned to be released late Jan 2023

Dec 21, 2022

Datafisher LMS Improvements in Messaging; Invitation and Reminder Messages

Datafisher LMS “Messaging” functionality will be improved in January 2023. The new messaging will be intuitive and easy to use.

After the release, LMS Admins have a possibility to save their own invitation and reminder templates into the system and use them as default invitations and reminders for all trainings. All types of messages, email messages, push notifications for mobile Apps and SMS invitations will be improved.

Different possibilities to set default content templates exist:

– Invitation for a single content

– Invitation for multiple contents

– Reminder for a single content

– Reminder for multiple contents

– Reminder to managers

– Reminder to HR business partners

Multiple language versions of message templates are possible for all message types, emails, SMSs and Push Notifications. 

A completely new feature is a workflow functionality. Invitations and reminders can be scheduled to be sent automatically, e.g. bi-weekly at a scheduled time and running until a set end date.

A token link included in the invitation or reminder can be set to either log the user in directly to the training or can direct the user to the LMS login page. The functionality will be set according to the client’s request.

Messaging also includes advanced and easy-to-use target group filters, messaging preview features, security limits related number of messages sent and messaging reporting functionalities.

This release 2023 R1:1361 is focusing only on messaging improvements. The new messaging is one of the key features of the Datafisher LMS. We will arrange a short training for all super admins right after the release.

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More information, please don’t hesitate to contact your contact person or [email protected].