Release notification R2:1382, released in Q3 2023

Aug 21, 2023

Datafisher LMS improvements, upgrades and new features in User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX)  


Datafisher LMS performance and functionality has improved in Q3 2023. The user interface (UI) includes more features with a variety of new possibilities, and user experience (UX) has improved as well.

LMS admins have new advanced possibilities of data processing, and the following features:


1.”Manual Completions” Tab:

Admins are able to update content completions by themselves, for trainings that were completed outside of the LMS:

Navigate to “Content” -> “Manual Completions” -> “Add” and select the content, completion date, and target group (single or multiple completions).

Target group:

  • To add a completion for one user: search the user by name/email or employee ID (uid).
  • To Add completions for several users, there are two options: the first is to paste the emails or employee IDs of the users in bulk, and the second is to upload an excel file that contains the required data columns: “email” or “uid” and “date”, the names of the columns should be exactly as mentioned. Date column’s format can be excel “Date” format or “Text” format: (day, month, year), or yyyy-mm-dd (year, month, day), or mm/dd/yyyy (month, day, year).

Completions can be rolled back (undone) if needed, except for learning paths.


2. Improvements to “My Organization” view and “Reports”:

  • Under “My Organization” there is a new feature to filter results by “Only expired and expiring in X days”, allowing to easily review expirations and upcoming expirations of user completions for trainings.
  • In the advanced mode of “Reports” and “My Organization”, under “Report options” there’s a new feature for filtering expired user completions and upcoming expirations within X days, which makes it possible to review and download a filtered report of only upcoming expirations/expired user completions.
  • An “Expired” field has been added to the pie chart and per-content results of the advanced mode.
  • Aggregate results by field – a new feature in the advanced mode where you can select which user field/characteristic to display in the report.


3. New features and improvements to “Events” functionality:

  • It is possible to download a list of all enrolled users of an event’s occurrences. Download a list, or a filtered list, of the enrolled participants (including those on the waiting list) or only the users on the wating list.
  • Enroll users to an event without a date and time, to ensure an audit trail.
    Create events with no time slots and once users are enrolled to this event, they can access instructions on how to enroll in an external system.
  • Disable track attendance for events:  “Track attendance” checkbox is enabled by default for events, tracking them as usual. When disabling “Track attendance”, attendance cannot be marked, completion is not tracked, no sessions are created, and events are not shown under “Needing attention”.


 4. New content type for external trainings:

  • It is possible to mark a course as “taken externally”, this action disables the ability to take the course from the LMS. This option is good for courses that are meant to be taken only outside the LMS, but still need to be managed via the LMS.


5. New feature for automatic blocking and deletion:

  • In continued compliance with the GDPR, inactive users’ data must be removed after a reasonable time, so now blocking and deletion of user data can be automatic according to defined rules. Users can now be blocked/unblocked and purged based on their current start date and termination date. Under “System” -> “Purging”, you can review the defined purging and blocking rules, target groups, statistics and download/filter data. 


6. Improvements for learning paths in the learning portal:

  • Learning path modules grouping and visibility improvements in the learning portal. Now in “My Page” and “Profile” -> “My Achievements”, learning path modules are grouped under the learning path itself by default.
  • Learning path navigation has been improved.


Other small upgrades

We released some additional small upgrades that improve the system’s performance and visuals.

List of the upgrades:

  • Calendar automatic update improvement.
  • Visual upgrades for clients.
  • System version upgrade.
  • Several security updates.


Link to Datafisher Admin Guide

Link to Datafisher LMS’ Release Notifications


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