Release notification 2022-R4:1317, released 9.11.2022

Dec 20, 2022

Datafisher LMS Improvements Released November 2022


  1. Improvements in Content Assignment:

Content assignment possibilities are improved. In the old version it was possible to assign a training course or a learning path to learners and/or make it visible to all via catalogue. After the new release there is more options for assigning.  

A course or a learning path is possible to assign as

– Mandatory — the training must be done by everyone assigned

– Recommended — the training would be useful to the people assigned

– Optional — the training is displayed in catalog and can be done at will

It is possible to do several distinct types of assignments to a content or a learning path for different user groups or individual users. All old assignments were automatically moved to be Mandatory or Recommended based on the Client’s request. 

 Link to the instructions

  1. Improved counting when the user is on waiting list – “Enrolment from waiting list”: Only the work days counted during the time user’s respond, acceptance is needed

A user had only one day to accept the enrolment of the event she/he was on the waiting list. If the user got the message during weekend, she/he may have lost his seat to the training and had to go back to the end of the waiting list line. 

After the release 2022 R4:1317 only the working days are counted for the time a user has to respond (accept/reject) to an “Enrolment from waiting list” email.

  1. Notification to the manager, if employee declines/don’t attend a training the manager has approved

When the enrolment requires manager approval, after the release 2022 R4:1317 the manager gets a notification if the person has declined or not attended the training that was approved.

  1. Anonymity of Assessments and Feedback Quizzes

Data related assessments and feedback quizzes could be set to anonymous after the release 2022 R4:1317. We have been using different techniques and processes to achieve anonymity. As generally known completely anonymous data does not exist, but after the release we have implemented well-executed procedures so one can achieve a result where individual persons cannot be identified within reasonable effort. 

  1. New reporting UI

A new easy to use reporting user interface is included in release 2022 R4:1317. The interface includes possibilities to save reports and schedule reports more easily than the old interface. The old interface will still stay in use in this stage.

In addition to the five main points above the release 2022 R4:1317 includes some minor technical improvements and bug fixes.

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