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Upskill your Business with Tailored Online Training

Datafisher empowers businesses with transformative online learning management system training. Our customizable e-training programs cater to diverse industries, from manufacturing and pharma to healthcare, ensuring your workforce stays ahead with the latest skills. Datafisher is the best LMS training platform with interactive modules and real-world case studies ensuring knowledge retention for all.


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Customized Course Content

Tailored online lms training programs for manufacturing, healthcare, or pharmaceuticals. Courses are designed to address the unique challenges and regulations of these sectors.

Interactive Training Experience

E-training platform is built to engage. Interactive quizzes, simulations, group training, and case studies ensure your team is able to learn and apply the knowledge in practical scenarios.

Mobile-Friendly Training

The mobile-friendly training solution gives access to training materials anytime, anywhere, empowering your staff on-the-go. Datafisher works on iOS, Android, tablets and all mobile devices.

Expert-Led Training

Expert instructors with real-world experience, within the compliance industry, who bring invaluable insights and practical knowledge. Training sessions by seasoned professionals.

Ongoing Support and Resources

Continuous training with a wealth of post-course resources for continued learning, with our support team always available to answer any questions.

Group Training Online Seat

Track progress, schedule sessions, and access reports all in one place, making it easy to ensure your team is on track and compliant.

How to Train your Employees with our Gamified Training Solution

Train your team in 3 easy steps

1. Customize Your Training Program

Start by selecting the online courses that align with your industry and business goals. Whether you are looking for compliance, ethics, or sustainability, there is a course for every industry, including manufacturing, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, industrial, and more. Then, invite your team members and staff to the Datafisher dashboard.

2. Complete the e-training courses

Roll out the training to your team using our user-friendly platform. They can access interactive modules, participate in virtual workshops, and engage with real-world case studies. This hands-on approach not only makes training more enjoyable but also enhances retention and application of knowledge. Employees will be able to complete the training by reviewing the slides and participating in quizzes.

3. Track Progress and Measure Success

Monitor your team’s progress with our comprehensive dashboard. You can view completion rates, assess quiz scores, and gather feedback to ensure that your training is achieving its objectives. With these insights, you can make data-driven decisions to continually improve your training program and drive success to your business.


Why Train your Employees and Executives with our E-Training Platform

From Staff, Employees, to Executives and C-Suite level

Stay Ahead and Competitive

Our online training software ensures that your team stays ahead. We continuously update our course content to reflect the latest industry standards, helping your business remain compliant and competitive.

Create a Culture of Continuous Education

We deliver engaging, relevant business training content that seamlessly integrates into your company’s workflow, promoting ongoing professional development and a commitment to continuous improvement.

Maximize Efficiency and ROI

With Datafisher, you can streamline your training process and reduce costs associated with traditional in-person sessions. Flexible and scalable solutions that deliver measurable results, ensuring a high return on your investment and team development.

Our cooperation with Datafisher was and is excellent from the very beginning. Their Learning Management System (LMS) is a great tool to produce smart online training modules for various purposes (be it in the area of sustainability or safety or alike).

-Stora Enso

More Than Just Training
A Comprehensive Educational Solution

At Datafisher, we go beyond offering just online training. Our platform is a full suite of educational solutions that dosters your company’s development and success. Apart from our wide range of courses, we provide tailored training pathways, advanced analytics for monitoring progress, and integration options to seamlessly blend into your existing infrastructure.

We’re committed to supporting your journey at every stage, with expert advice and attentive customer service. Choosing Datafisher means you’re not just investing in training; you’re investing in a partnership that nurtures your team’s growth and aligns with your long-term goals.

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