Release notification 2023 R2:1382, planned to be released Feb 2023

Dec 21, 2022

Datafisher LMS Improvements to be released Feb 2023

Right after the Messaging System improvement, release 2023 R1:1361, we will launch release 2023 R2:1382 in February 2023. This upcoming release will focus on the improvements, fixes, and requests by clients. Attached is the summary.


Improvements of the Learn Portal:

  • Improvements in the user portal header image, language management and event reporting in user’s profile


Improvements of Admin Panel

  • Improvements in the use of default HTML invitation and reminder templates in Messaging
  • Feature to prevent the upload of incompatible SCORM packages in Content Management
  • User interface (UI) improvements for Events and Assignment Management
  • Improvement in Event Management when tracking the participation of the event is not needed
  • Improvements in user blocking and deletion functionalities in User Management
  • Finalizing the implementation of the new reporting UI. The old reporting will only remain for special cases for some clients.
  • Fixes in Reporting (time spent reporting, multiple content reporting, archived content reporting and column selector for excel reports)
  • Events notification improvements


In addition to the above improvements, release 2023 R2:1382 includes minor technical improvements and some specific features for some clients.


Link to Datafisher Admin Guide

Link to Datafisher LMS Release Notifications


More information, please don’t hesitate to contact your Datafisher contact person or [email protected].